Let the Sun Shine {Living Room}

I'm doing some curtain updates around the house (you may have see them on my instragram feed).  Since updating my dining room curtains and living room rug last year, I had been thinking that the living room curtains needed to go.  They covered too much of the window - the main light source for the room.

 I took them down on a whim one Friday a few weeks ago.  LIGHT!

 But, a little too bare for my taste.  I had an extra set of sheers that used to hang in the family room so I popped those up.  Nice!

They are too long but they dress up the window without restricting the light.  They are also more casual which I really like.  I am calling this the first in several "casualification" steps in our house.  More comfortable, less formal, less fussy.  

Please ignore the primed but unpainted door.  I took care of that yesterday!  More to come eventually!!