Cabinet Air Returns Revised {Kitchen}

At some point these air returns under our cabinets were really bothering me.  They looked like little black holes under the cabinets and I hated them.

I have no idea why these were brown but they were definitely not a top priority punch list item when we moved into our house post-renovation with a 3 year old and 2 month old!  Although replacing them with white was probably the best option, I decided to go with the quick option and use up a can of white spray paint I had hanging around in the basement.

So much better and blendy.  [I know that's not a word but I think it should be.]

Happy, happy.


Chandelier Takes One for the Team {Kitchen}

At one point I loved our kitchen chandelier.  It was one of my favorite deals that I found for our "new" house.  As my style has evolved a bit over the last few years I started finding a lot of replacement contenders.

I was coveting a wood and iron chandelier (similar to this) from the Lucketts Design House for months.  Then ultimately decided that I did not really want to spend $500 for something that I might want to change again in 5 years.  #Iknowmyself

So I decided to remove the shades from my chandelier and see if that helped.  The bell shaped shades are being evicted from all over my house.

I lived with it like that for a few weeks.  Still...no. I ultimately decided that it was just too busy with the ornate painting.  This is a problem I am finding throughout my house. Trying to de-clutter and de-decorate in a lot of areas.  So hard. #Ilikestuff

So out came the chalk paint. Again, no sanding or prep.  Just started laying it on there with 2 coats.  The kids were a bit surprised because although they had seen me attack furniture, never a light fixture.  I let it dry for a day and then experimented with a light coat of dark wax I had picked up on my second trip to Lucketts.  It gave it the right amount of dirt age.  Here's the final result.  

Happy to say that I love it and it really didn't cost me anything since I already had the paint as evidenced here.  I like that the color is carrying through to multiple rooms.

The dining room could really use a dose of this… Handy Hubby is going to be so mad. Do you spy any other changes in my family room?


My Eclectic Powder Room

My powder room post pictures are probably "pinned" more than any other on my blog.  The ceiling is awesome and I still love it.

The floor needed to balance that ceiling.  We had a sisal rug in there that survived potty training two kids.  Now that the spillage years are behind us (I hope!), it was time to upgrade the rug.  I had been looking for the perfect rug for over a year.  For me "looking" means searching for a great deal on the best possible option.  

Then one day I'm in HomeGoods (shocking, I know) and I find this little baby!  Yeah!  Tribal rugs are really hot right now but I was not shelling out hundreds for anything authentic or even a good reproduction.  After all, I have a son who uses this bathroom daily.  $29.99 later, this guy (and his blue cousin) came home with me.

It looks so awesome with the navy walls (Sherwin Williams Naval) and dark vanity.

And here's my attempt to take a picture of the rug and ceiling in a 8x3 room.

I'm still looking for some art for next to the sink.  Maybe next year!


Dresser Make-over {Living Room}

So clearly I'm on a chalk paint bender.  I might need rehab.  We bought this little buffet through a family friend's estate for not much money - probably less than $50.  I had already done my initial chalk paint experience on a silver chest and I loved the results.

Next up on the chopping block… this little sideboard…

This piece sits in the back corner of our living room and holds all of the kids' craft supplies.  I'm not sure it's a piece we'll keep forever but for now, it does the job well.  I'm just not in love with its '60s country-ish style.  And let's just ignore the missing screw on the handle.

I broke out the chalk paint that I bought last spring at the Old Luckett's Store near Leesburg, Va.  If you have never been, you SHOULD GO.  It's so much fun!!  I want to go back again when I have furniture I need instead of being in furniture unloading mode.  Anyway, they sell Amy Howard One Step Paint which is a type of chalk paint.  I didn't really notice any difference between Annie Sloan's and this but this is a much bigger piece.  The coverage was very good and I did not sand before I painted. I originally left the top stained but I decided it only emphasized its country look so I went back and painted the rest (months later!).  I distressed the whole thing just a little bit with a piece of sandpaper, and then waxed it with basic furniture wax (nothing fancy).  

Now it looks like this…

I replaced the handles with these because they are simple and easy to grab. The kids are still using this cabinet for paper and crafts.  

So that's how chalk paint is continuing to rule my house.  I am still debating painting the dining room furniture.  I have some interim pieces to remake before I tackle the dining room! 


Free Stool Makeover {Screen Porch}

About 2 years ago, I picked up some free stools from another member of my local moms' club.  Although I had originally planned to use them pretty much as is, I decided the style was not exactly going to work with the porch.  The new rug sealed the deal since I was evicting the color red from the porch.  

I started picking at the wicker covering and it was not coming off easily.  I gave up and let them sit on the porch for a while.  Finally, I ordered some outdoor-friendly fabric to cover them.  The base was a bit of a mystery, but I finally just decided that spray paint wouldn't hurt it so I went for it.  

They are currently hanging out next to our cart.  They can be pulled into the sitting area and used as a seat or footstool, or they can be pulled up to the table and used as another seat.

Not bad for $15 worth of fabric and a can of spray paint we already owned.