Free Stool Makeover {Screen Porch}

About 2 years ago, I picked up some free stools from another member of my local moms' club.  Although I had originally planned to use them pretty much as is, I decided the style was not exactly going to work with the porch.  The new rug sealed the deal since I was evicting the color red from the porch.  

I started picking at the wicker covering and it was not coming off easily.  I gave up and let them sit on the porch for a while.  Finally, I ordered some outdoor-friendly fabric to cover them.  The base was a bit of a mystery, but I finally just decided that spray paint wouldn't hurt it so I went for it.  

They are currently hanging out next to our cart.  They can be pulled into the sitting area and used as a seat or footstool, or they can be pulled up to the table and used as another seat.

Not bad for $15 worth of fabric and a can of spray paint we already owned.  


Screen Porch Rug

This post is really long overdue but I have vowed that I will catch up on about 20 posts that are half-written, half-photographed, or just not started.  Here's one.  It's not exactly a project although finding this rug was a job and a half.  I really wanted a new rug for our porch.  {Handy Hubby groans knowing that this means that a new rug is coming soon. } The rug we had out there was about 6 years old, and had survived many winters on the porch as well as the home renovation.  It was in surprisingly good condition but I was done with the tan.  Fortunately I was able to sell it for a good price (further justification for a new rug…Sorry, Handy Hubby).

I originally saw this rug that I LOVED in April and loved it but not it's $400 price tag and it was out of stock most of the times that I clicked lovingly over to my bookmarked site.  {insert sad face}

I was cheap and wanted to find a better deal - it's the porch, not my family room. Well, $400 is probably too much for even my family room.  But, I digress.

Then, while sitting on the beach in the Corolla, NC, I was cruising a Joss & Main sale and… HOLLAH… there it was!  And in stock and $195!  Score.  I purchased it as quick as my fingers could fly over my phone keyboard.  The rug arrived soon after we got home and I was throwing it down within minutes.

I have to say it's AMAZING to walk on - so soft and you would never guess it's an outdoor rug.  The colors are gorgeous and it really makes our porch extra special.


Let the Sun Shine {Living Room}

I'm doing some curtain updates around the house (you may have see them on my instragram feed).  Since updating my dining room curtains and living room rug last year, I had been thinking that the living room curtains needed to go.  They covered too much of the window - the main light source for the room.

 I took them down on a whim one Friday a few weeks ago.  LIGHT!

 But, a little too bare for my taste.  I had an extra set of sheers that used to hang in the family room so I popped those up.  Nice!

They are too long but they dress up the window without restricting the light.  They are also more casual which I really like.  I am calling this the first in several "casualification" steps in our house.  More comfortable, less formal, less fussy.  

Please ignore the primed but unpainted door.  I took care of that yesterday!  More to come eventually!!


Hardware Paint Removal

We have been doing some work on our front door… well, we got a new front door a few months ago.  Our previous door was destroyed by our poor dog who died last summer.  We had the new door installed on the original hinges because they are solid and probably are better than anything we could buy for a reasonable price.

But, we never removed the paint on the hinges and they looked really bad.  So, I took the opportunity to try to clean them up when Handy Hubby took the door off the hinges to paint it a few weeks ago.

I read about boiling the paint off hinges so decided to give it a shot.  I didn't have an old pot so I used an aluminum pan.  I decided to use the straight water method although I should have tried the baking soda method as well.

Here's how they looked after a couple of hours of simmering.  The paint didn't exactly roll off but they did get a lot smoother. 

So, I decided to grab a can of hammered metal spray paint because I didn't have anything to lose.  And they looked pretty nice!

More to come about the door...


Chalk Paint Trial - Silver Storage Chest

Happy Day After Labor Day!  (not)  I know there are a lot of Fall lovers out there and while I enjoy the change of seasons and the new clothes and accessorizing opportunities that brings, I truly detest winter.  Last winter was a horrible winter in DC so I am really not looking forward to it.  And we have had the MOST beautiful summer that almost anyone from this area can imagine.  We have had very few days in the 90s which is so unusual.  I kind of like the 90 degree temps though.  Weird, I know.  But, my youngest starts kindergarten today… {sniff}.  Makes me feel a bit old actually - no more preschoolers.  But, life marches on and so shall I!

Back to the blog business…

After years of reading about the glories of chalk paint, I decided to take the plunge.  I won some sample canisters of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at a local craft show so I decided to give it a shot… This stuff is awesome.  I'm tempted to do my entire dining room set!  (Handy Hubby might murder me though…)

I started small.  Here's my silver chest.  Really traditional and just wasn't working for me any more.  If the chalk paint couldn't save it, it was headed to the yard sale pile.  It was a wedding gift though and it served its purpose so I didn't want to totally abandon it just yet.

First, I removed the never-engraved brass plate on top.

Next I taped off the edges of the velvet interior.  I'm thankful the interior is brown instead of bright blue or red.  Then I started painting the whole thing.  I used a regular Purdy paint brush and brushed it on as I would any other paint.  I did not sand the wood first.

Then I sanded mall of the edges down a big.  I should also note that I painted the hardware since it would have required removing the interior velvet liner. No thanks.  I just painted it.  Then I waxed it all with some regular old furniture wax (not Annie Sloan's - sorry Annie, had to use what we had around already).  And here's the result…

It's not perfect with the lamps but both are going to stay for now.  Still a major improvement from the original!