Dark Corners in the Living Room

There is rarely/never photographed corner in my living room.  It's generally where I toss things I don't know what to do with.  So, there are no before pictures.  Sorry.

The main issue with this space has always been the darkness.  The only natural light is from a French door to the porch about 12 feet away.  It's basically unusable at night.  I'm thinking about turning this into a real workspace so I can stay out of the kitchen and away from any lurking cake and cookies.  #nowillpower

I recently added this lamp and I love it.  The finish is beautiful and it has a convenient switch on the base. Even the kids can use it safely.  Highly recommend.

The furniture pieces are mostly family pieces.  The desk belonged to a distant cousin and the clock was my grandparents'.  The chair was one of the first pieces of furniture I bought on my own - $5 at a yard sale and then I had it reupholstered.  It hunk ti's time to find it a new home or some new fabric.  Not sure which yet.  I may use the dining room arm chair in here and get some new chairs in the dining room. Time will tell.

The lamp was provided by Lamps.com. All opinions are my own.


Paint Progress {Hall Bath}

We have made some excellent progress in the bathroom!  Next up was paint.  I sampled a few but they were too dark.  In the end I made the bold decision to just pick a color and go for it with Sherwin Williams Gray Screen.

We also painted the ceiling the same color. This is our first painted ceiling (other than white) and I love it!  In this small room, having the ceiling and walls (at least the top half), make the room feel bigger with fewer lines to disturb the view.  

I also opted for plantation shutters in this bathroom as well.  I love them and they really make the room feel finished.  I need to repaint the trim though to match the shutters.  

Did you paint anything this weekend?  Lots more to come on this project!


Riley's Room {Client Project}

I realized this week that I had not posted about a wonderful project I did last year for Kathi's son Riley who was ready to move up from his nursery to a new room.  Well… he might not have been ready to move at first but his new baby brother was about to push him out!  Unfortunately, I never took a before photo but it was a guest room with a variety of furniture that got moved to a spare room in the basement.  

Kathi had already chosen this furniture but we made some final decisions on the pieces.  She was very interested in a blue/gray scheme with orange accents, so that's the direction we went. 

Kathi had also seen some amazing horizontal striped curtains that she loved but we ultimately decided they might overpower the room.  And she already had plantation shutters (my new obsession) so the room did not really need any more window covering.

You can find sources for the rug and wall art here.

Orange is such popular accent color right now.  I'm guess red is going to be the next "it" color.  I will miss orange though because it's such a cheerful option and goes with pretty much everything.


A New Old Dresser for Alex

Some things look better in pictures than in real life.  Alex's dresser was not in great shape and had been a $50 Craigslist find before he was born five years ago (gulp!).  It was probably an unfinished piece of furniture that someone stained themselves.  Time to go.

Luck was on my side with this find.  My parents were cleaning out  my father's cousin's house last summer and asked me if I was looking for any furniture.  Uh… yeah!  Any dressers?  Yes - and perfect size!  The finish was shot so it would have to be refinished or painted.  I never miss a chance to paint a piece of furniture!

Not long after my parents dropped it off at my house, Jim was creating a new paint booth in his shop and preparing the sprayer…

 Forgot to take a before picture unfortunately but the finish color was similar to the piece that was already in Alex's room below.

And now his dresser looks like this -

I changed out the hardware with some new pieces I found at Home Depot. I wanted them to be a bit masculine and this seemed perfect.  We also replaced the original handle on the top with a knob (you can sort of see the original holes in the picture below but it's not nearly as clear in real life).  

I think it's a huge improvement and a piece that will be with him for a long time to come, although I have my doubts that the finish will survive.  It is already showing some concerning signs of wear and tear.  The color is Sherwin Williams Naval - same as in our powder room - but it looks much lighter in this room.

What do you think?


Hall Bathroom Progress

The hall bathroom progress continues slowly but surely.  I convinced Handy Hubby to sand the walls and ceiling over the weekend, and he started doing some additional hole patching.  So, here's how pretty it looks now.  John and Sherry called their master bathroom a "gas station bathroom" which is the perfect description for a bathroom with imperfect black and white tile and some pretty beat up and patched up walls.

Get your Pinterest buttons ready for some pretty pictures!

Here's the beautiful ceiling.  HORRIBLE.  It has looked horrible for about 8 years and we pretty much ignored it.  Amazing how that's possible, isn't it?  Please tell me we aren't the only ones looking the other ways while we help our kids in and out of the tub!

Thank goodness for the shop-vac sander attachment.  Now we need some seriously amazing primer.