New Wallpaper {Dining Room}

I'm super excited to share the changes in our dining room. It's really only one major change - the walls! Oh my goodness... I love it.


Snowzilla 2016

I apologize if this is the 40th blizzard post you have read today. Feel free to skip this one.

We survived. At least so far. Washington is not known for its snow tolerance and this was no exception. The shelves were bare in the grocery stores  by Thursday. No D batteries anywhere. Handy Hubby witnessed anarchy at our local hardware when a truck filled with ice melter and shovels showed up. People were running to the truck and waving cash at the driver. Seriously. If you have 24" of snow, ice melter is not your priority. Maybe later this week, but not in the first instance. Shovels, people!!!


Dining Room Upgrades

A long, long time ago... our dining room had wallpaper. Then in the flurry of the mid 2000s when wallpaper was considered ghastly, we ripped it down and painted everything so it was nice and matching with the rest of the house. Now it's 2016 and wallpaper is all. the. rage. So we are putting up NEW wallpaper. Handy Hubby is not the most thrilled about this prospect because he knows first hand how awesome it is to take wallpaper down but I promised to keep the wallpaper for a bit. He's still not thrilled. Sorry. We're getting wallpaper.

I found several papers that I loved on Wallpaper Direct. I ordered approximately a million samples. I quickly narrowed it down to these. The one on the top right was my favorite pattern but it was super shiny in person. I'm just not a shiny person. Sorry to disappoint.


Stairwell Upgrade - Molding Details

Our stairwell received an upgrade just after the painting was finished. Of course, that timing was completely wacked because I should have done the molding before the painting. Whoops. As a result, I did a lot of painting of the new trim in the evenings but it went pretty quickly so it was worth it.

Here's our stairwell before.

This all started because my brother added beautiful molding to his stairways earlier this year. It looks amazing and after visiting them (and our new niece!) I decided that we HAD to it too. Handy Hubby was ready to break out the miter saw so we dug into it the following weekend.

And here's the finished stairway. I LOVE it. It was really worth Handy Hubby's hard work. I really only painted it so all of the credit goes to him.

That mirror was a great clearance find from Target last summer.

Paint: Walls - Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter; Trim - Sherwin Williams Toque White


New Paint Reveal - Finally

We had the house painted over the summer and I have spent a lot of time rethinking a lot of things in my house since then. Everything is painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, perhaps the most overused color in the blogosphere but it's a fabulously versatile color. Here's the long overdue reveal. Apologies for the sometimes not so great pictures - these were taken on a gloomy, rainy Sunday. Also, I cleaned up the major clutter but the toys and kitchen stuff is the stuff that is always on my counters and I chose to leave thing as they are so you can see how we really live (sort of - it's usually way messier!!).

Pot of chili bubbling on the stove on a rainy, cool fall Sunday afternoon - nothing better.

And our family room which is the hardest room to photograph in the house. So many windows and views into other spaces. I never put the curtains back up and I still love the open feeling, especially on the back doors.

Here's the living room. The color really works well with the wheat colored furniture and brass accents. I would love to replace the coffee table but haven't found the right thing. I may change out the art over the fireplace with another piece that I already have.

Perhaps my favorite shot of this reveal is this one of our front door. The new paint color really sets off the painted front door. I loved it before but now I love it even more. This is also a very accurate depiction of how the color looks in person, in case you are considering it for your own space.