Hardware Paint Removal

We have been doing some work on our front door… well, we got a new front door a few months ago.  Our previous door was destroyed by our poor dog who died last summer.  We had the new door installed on the original hinges because they are solid and probably are better than anything we could buy for a reasonable price.

But, we never removed the paint on the hinges and they looked really bad.  So, I took the opportunity to try to clean them up when Handy Hubby took the door off the hinges to paint it a few weeks ago.

I read about boiling the paint off hinges so decided to give it a shot.  I didn't have an old pot so I used an aluminum pan.  I decided to use the straight water method although I should have tried the baking soda method as well.

Here's how they looked after a couple of hours of simmering.  The paint didn't exactly roll off but they did get a lot smoother. 

So, I decided to grab a can of hammered metal spray paint because I didn't have anything to lose.  And they looked pretty nice!

More to come about the door...