Our Den Reveal

So, we bought a new sofa over a year ago… no joke.  And I never wrote about it.  Kept meaning to write about it but our den generally looks like this so it was never the right time…

The above picture is actually the "clean" version of the room.  It's a junk collection point.  Below is what the room looked like when I last showed it after buying the rug.

Notice the left side of the room is never shown (this picture is taken from the hallway).  That's because it was piled with junk and old boxes and other stuff we didn't know what to do with.  Now it's ready for a full body close-up…

This room is our home office although we really don't use it as a home office right now.  Neither of us works from home every day so a dedicated home office isn't a necessity.  I have thought about putting a TV in here but that's not really a big necessity at this point.  It also serves as a guest room but that's rare since we also have a basement guest room.  But once in a while we do need more space (like Thanksgiving with my in-laws) and this is the perfect place to put extra guests.  

So we bought a pull-out sofa for this room.  

I did a lot of looking, sitting, and research.  Apartment Therapy had a great series of reviews a while back.  American Leather was my first choice and if this was our only guest room, that's what I would have gone with.  But since this is our second guest room so we decided to go with the Room and Board Newton sofa with an air coil mattress.  I chose a custom fabric option - Terri Cement - but it was only an extra $100 so it was worth it for the best color option.  We could only fit the full size version because of the built-in desk but we rarely have more than one adult sleep in it so the full-size is sufficient.  It's not a cushy sofa but most sofa beds are not because of the frame.  I slept it on recently during Handy Hubby's short bout with a stomach bug and it was quite comfortable.  More comfortable than a regular pull-out sofa or an air mattress on the floor.  I'll take a picture of it pulled out into a bed and made up at some point!  Also, the sofa still needs some pillows.  I like the teal blue pillow above but it needs a bit of yellow or something. I might make something out of the cornice fabric.  

I also have to mention the art over the sofa… the artist is the the aunt of my good friend Meghan (of Gingerbread party fame).  Meghan's aunt Anne Murphy died last year after a serious illness and Meghan gave me this as a thank you for helping out with the estate sale.  Not sure why she felt the need to give me such an amazing piece because I LOVE helping with stuff like that.  Anyway,  I love this piece.  When I took it I did not have a location in mind but it found its way into this room (of course - this room collects things) and it worked perfectly.  So it stayed.

I like the unfinished edges of the paper so I mounted it on a plain black piece of mat board and bought a standard black frame.  It might not be a long term framing solution but it worked for what I needed at the time!  

Now to round out the final room pictures.

More on the dresser here.

Hmmm…. maybe I should start working in here.  So lovely!

And how about a before and after from 2 years ago…

And now…