The Other Bathroom

This is a "before" post, and maybe a little "during" but we started on a new project.  Well, I started a project with a little help from my kiddos.  Handy Hubby took it easy on the couch while he recovered from a nasty little stomach bug.  I got a little bored on Sunday and started tearing up our upstairs hall bathroom.  This room has only ever been mentioned on the blog once before (here).

This room has been untouched since our renovation five years ago.  That said, I love this bathroom.  This is a really big original bathroom for Arlington homes.  Our layout is atypical for Arlington where most are center hall colonials which leaves a tiny space for a bathroom but they have larger bedrooms.  I also love the black and white tile despite its less than perfect condition.  The biggest problem is the large crack in the floor in front of the sink.  I put up the wallpaper in about 2003.  It lasted 10 years but the steam has finally taken its toll.

We have been talking about renovating this bathroom.  It's not in the budget for this year or probably next to gut and fully redo this bathroom.  I really want to though!  So, we're going to make some minor changes:

  • Remove my beloved wallpaper {sniff} & paint the walls (color TBD)
  • Change out the pedestal sink (not original) for a sink with actual storage
  • Remove the medicine cabinet and hang a slightly larger mirror in its place (we will have plenty of storage elsewhere for the contents of the current cabinet)
  • Maybe change out the toilet for a more water-saving model 
  • Install a new light fixture
  • Repair and paint the ceiling
  • Hang some art

Budget = $1000

Here are the rest of the "before" pictures…

So this happened on Sunday...

Chief amazing helper.

The area over the tub was the most challenging.

The walls are going to take a lot of work to get them paint ready but I'm not overwhelmed by prospect. The area around the tub is particularly horrible.  Lots of patching and sanding are in my future.

Next up I finish taking down the wallpaper and hopefully the medicine cabinet so I can get the rest of the paper off and hang the mirror over the gaping hole that I know is behind there from the original medicine cabinet.

And here's some original beauties from when we first moved into our house!

A sample of the original wallpaper doesn't really show it's iridescence!

Lots more to come on this project.