Den: Cornice Board Fabric

Next up in the cornice board project is the fabric. 

Here's where we left off last.

I decided the room needed a bold punch with all of the cool silver and blue going on so far, so I went with this yellow Suzani by Premier Prints (purchased from Fabric.com for less than $9 per yard). 

I slid the cornice up off the French cleat - super easy which means that changing the fabric as the mood strikes might be way too easy!

Next up, I wrapped the board in basic quilter's batting which I already had. 

Finally, I stretched the fabric around and stapled it with a basic staple gun. This is just like stretching fabric around dining chair seats - start in the middle on both sides and then continue around the edges.  Sorry I didn't take more pictures.

Let's cut to the chase with the final product.

Here's a quick before and after because you can never have enough before and after!

I'm in love with this fabric. I keep thinking of other projects I could use it for. Wish I had bought more than one yard!