Crystal Chandelier Updated

I have always loved our crystal chandelier ever since my mom pulled it out of a used furniture store in my hometown.  We had to work around some missing crystals and it was missing a chain but it was still a steal at about $200 (I think!).  It's heavy duty brass and probably from the '50s or '60s.

Here's a picture of it all blinged out from a French themed baby shower I hosted a few years ago.

Since I bought the new curtains last year, I have been thinking about switching things up in here.  I don't want to change the chandelier but I wanted to modernize it a bit.  I thought about changing the shades but then decided to just take them off.  That looked a little off to me so then I changed out the bulbs and...

I really like that it's a cleaner look. My daughter said it "looks hideous" but I don't take decorating advice from 7 year olds! Looking at this picture, I should spend some time cleaning the crystals this weekend!

What do you think?