Terracotta Pot Makeover

It's kind of like makeover month here.  Or maybe not.  I don't know.  This is a project from early last fall that again... I never blogged about.  But here it is now.   You'll have to wait until Spring before you see its final location (mostly because I have no idea where it will go!).

We have a rental house next door that is always a lucrative source of dumpster diving glory.  The rent is high so the people that live there generally have nice stuff and when they move they have a limit on how much they can take when they leave (generally high ranking military, diplomats, or other government employees). So they often leave nice stuff!  Last summer was no different and I found this sitting out for the trash after they moved out.

There was certainly nothing wrong with this piece and I know it probably came from Africa (likely from Kenya our neighbors' last post) but it was not going to work in my house.

So I gave it about 10 coats of white spray paint and it looked like this for about a month.

And then I decided to paint it with some blue paint I already had on hand (I think it was from our powder room) and came up with this design.

I actually really like the result but it looks best from a distance.  You'll have to use your imagination or stand on the other side of the room while you look at your screen.  I think it will end up on our screen porch but not sure where yet.  Perhaps inspiration will strike this spring.