Elizabeth's Room Evolves... AGAIN! {Paint}

I was looking back at the blog archives and saw that almost exactly 2 years ago we made some changes to my daughter's room to make it more her for the longer term.  Now here we are 2 years later with some more drastic changes.  Fortunately the cost was relatively reasonable overall, but I'll break that down a bit later.

After a lot of thought, I decided that we would paint her fabulously pink room blue.  At first I was sad and then I started to get excited just as I usually do about decorating projects. So, Handy Hubby woke up to his worst nightmare last Saturday morning: me in my painting clothes.  Haha.  He tried to roll over and go back to sleep but then fairly quickly came to his senses and got out of bed. After breakfast, we sanded down the putty covered holes we had covered the night before, taped off the baseboards, and moved the smaller furniture and rug out of the room, and put down drop cloths.  Actually, Elizabeth sanded most of holes - she earned her new room makeover!

We also removed her cherry blossom wall decal which was not quite as easy as I had hoped.  

Elizabeth pulled most of it down and then I scraped the residue off with a putty knife. Then I washed the wall with low-odor paint thinner to get any remaining residue off.  It took about 30-45 minutes total but you can not tell it was there. 

Then I cut-in while Handy Hubby rolled the paint - Sherwin Williams Emerald matte paint in Hinting Blue.  After lunch we rolled a second coat and then we had this.  

The paint wasn't quite dry in the picture above so it looks a little spotty but it dried nicely.  We probably could have done just one coat on the sheetrock walls but the plaster walls absorb paint like nothing else so that definitely needed two coats.  By 3 p.m., we were pretty much done.

I really love the color!  It's not very bold and in the sunlight, it's a bit washed out and beachy which I like.  I really hope she likes it for at least 5 years or Handy Hubby is going to lose his mind!

Lots more details to come.