Growing Up: A Little Girl's Room Evolves

It's a snow day here today!  Can't say I'm particularly happy about it.  I really hate it tomorrow but today the kids will exhaust themselves climbing around in the 8" or so we got.  

We went to kindergarten information night on Tuesday night.  It's hard to believe my baby girl is going to be in kindergarten next fall.  It feels like she was just born!  I know... soon we'll be talking about college.  Honestly, I love each new stage of her life more than the last.  One of my main goals with her room is to have it grow with her so she doesn't grow tired of it.  One of the easy ways to keep things updated is to change up the wall decor as she grows.  Changing out her bedding would be another good option but I chose bedding that is not babyish so hopefully we won't need to change that any time soon.  (To read more about her room, click here.)

Elizabeth's room was one of the first room that we finished after the renovation.  We wanted her to have a place to get away from the craziness of settling into our house.  Here's how it looked last spring.

I liked it but I felt the wall decor was definitely lacking.  I was mostly using what we had around.  I love the gallery walls that people are doing - it's a great way to fill a tough space without a huge piece of art.  So, I created a gallery space in Elizabeth's room over her arm chair. 

I love this because I feel it can really change as she changes and he interests evolved.  The best part is that it didn't cost a dime!  The small green board with the pink stripes is a magnetic board - so adorable.  I bought it a long time ago but hadn't found the right place for it.  The pink and green frames were left-over from a baby shower I threw years ago.  The "sugar and spice" sign was in my room when I was a child.  My grandmother made the embroidered piece on top and the frame on the right was hers.  She always loved Mary Engelbreit.  I have a second Mary Engelbreit frame to add but I need to find a way to hang on the wall securely.   

Over her bed I added a cherry blossom branch decal which is probably very "last year" but I love the effect.  I moved the bird and watermelon print over here as well.  She picked it out and loves it.  I think it feels more special in this location and I definitely wanted one piece over the bed now that we have the cherry blossoms on the opposite wall.

A quick update on the nightstand.  There is no update!  It needs updating and something needs to happen but I haven't figured out what exactly, but I plan to do something soon.  Really soon. 
You may have noticed the change in the light fixture on the nightstand.  I think it needs to be punched up but this was in her nursery as a baby and has lived on there in Alex's but the floral shade was not cutting it in there and definitely was not going to work in his big boy room which we'll be putting together next year... or sooner since he jumped out of his crib last weekend!

Check back tomorrow for some fun and easy updates to Alex's nursery.

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