Psychology of a Child's Room

Tonight as we prepared for the coming hurricane tonight, I somehow started talking to my 6 year old daughter about her room.  And how she doesn't like it. {Sigh} Her room is one of my favorite rooms in our house and a quintessential girl's room - pink and green with white and yellow accents.  {Sigh}

Totally adorable, in my mind anyway.  Exactly what I picture myself having wanted when I was 6 years old, and not that different from my own room at that age.  The problem?  My daughter's favorite color is blue. Has been for more than a year.  She really doesn't like pink any more.  

Now what to do?  Do I paint it?  If we paint her walls blue or a pale turquoise, some things would probably have to change - rug, quilt, throw pillows, and maybe some accessories.  We could keep a few of the pink things such as her nightstand (which could be painted again) and her bean bag chair.  I could recover her pink ottoman.  Fortunately the rest of her furniture is white - thank goodness!

But, I still love this pink haven.  I love pink and it's the only place in the house where I can freely use it.  So, it's a battle between what I love and what she loves... Keeping in mind that it's her room.  So hard.  At the same time, it would be a fun challenge to see how much I could keep and make it work... and also how much I could sell - anyone need a pink, green, and yellow 5x7 rug in great condition?

What would you do?

Stay safe east coasters!