Master Bedroom: Built-in Television Cabinet

This may officially be the worst documented semi-major project we've done in the house.  Not sure what happened but I think it was partly because Handy Hubby worked on it at random times or when I was away for work so I didn't get to take too many in progress shots.

So, we left off here last time. I think.

So fast forward 2.5 months and we're here.

Handy Hubby added the crown molding to dress it up a little bit.  He also wrapped the baseboard around the base so it's a true built-in.  

 Handy Hubby made the Shaker-style doors using a Kreg jig with a panel inset.

Next up I need to get some hardware.  I think I am going to get something dark to match the curtain rods and dresser hardware.

I first mentioned this project to Handy Hubby over a year ago and it feels good to be almost at the finish line!