Tale of a Dresser: The Sequel

Following onto yesterday's post, I had to follow-up on the easy update I made to the dresser which has COMPLETELY transformed it. Really amazing actually. All it took was new hardware from the clearance bin at Lowe's. For about $36 dollars, this dresser was changed from a mid-80s period piece to become very current or, perhaps more accurately, timeless.

Here's the before -
And now the after with new, not so shiny hardware -

The finish is actually antique brass, but it looks a bit silver-ish in these pictures. It works beautifully with the wood and the style of the dresser. Makes the piece look much more expensive and totally current I think.

Of course, when I was buying the hardware, I could not leave well-enough alone so I had to buy some matching hardware for my dresser as well. Ironically, this dresser (and our bed and nightstands) came from the same store as the new (to us) dresser. I'm so sad they closed and hope they find a new space soon! I had been thinking about making this change for a while but decided this was as good a time as any and it would not hurt for both to have the same hardware to unify things a bit.  There were only six handles that needed replacing so it was not a major investment.

Here's the before -
And the after -

The results were great but not without a little work. First, the screws on the backs of the existing hardware was ridiculously tight thus causing me to have to call in the hubby to help loosen them. Fortunately he was game and quickly removed the old hinges. Under the hinges, things were a bit grim - grimy and the stain was not as faded as the rest of the piece.
A little bit of furniture polish helped remove the grime and old polish but the finish needs some work overall. We'll get to it some day. Maybe.

But still, I love the results and I love how it works well with the newer dresser. 

You can still see the slight outline but I am hoping that will fade over time or with some extra elbow grease!

What do you think?  Any furniture make-overs this week?