Screen Porch: Landscaping

We had some final landscaping done around the screen porch. First though we had to get some leaks in our sprinkler system fixed. Not surprising after a big project.  Things were pretty muddy and gross along the side of the porch.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the flood when we turned on the sprinklers!  Fortunately our sprinkler company came right out and fixed it up for free! 

Next up our landscapers came in and cleaned up the mess made by the flood and some general clean-up around the porch area, including lifting up the stepping stones which had literally sunk under the mud and dirt so you couldn't even really see them!  They also did a little grading away from the house and re-mulched.  

After all that was done, I went ahead and divided some day lilies and peonies that I already had growing in other parts of the garden and planted them along the edge of the steps and porch.  I am hoping this will be an amazing "before" picture next year!  The door mat is from Target - it's so cheerful and cute!

Here's the view from the gate to the backyard. 

My favorite view is this one from the front yard into the backyard.
 The plants next to the porch were also plants that we already had or which were given to us by a neighbor who was doing some "de-landscaping" in their new backyard.  LOVE free plants!

Hoping they get enough water from the sprinkler system to keep them alive during this mini-drought.
It's really coming together now both in and out.  A few more changes to come.