Master Bedroom Built-ins Progress Report

Sorry about the lack of posts over the past few weeks. Not sure anyone actually notices when I don't post but we were knee-deep in party planning for Elizabeth's 6th birthday party.  More on that to come later this week I hope!

I keep forgetting to update you on Handy Hubby's progress on the master bedroom built-ins.  That's probably because he is working on them solely in his shop so they aren't in my face every day!  I love this part of the process since there's no mess in our bedroom.  That will likely change this weekend.  

So, now Handy Hubby has pretty much finished the base box and doors so you can get an idea for what they look like.  

The open top space is for our cable box and DVD player.  Our TV will go on the shelf above that, and then a bookcase will surround the TV with a few shelves above that.  

This weekend we have to try to find some hinges and I'll try to get this part primed and painted so Handy Hubby can install it and then get started on the top.  I haven't decided what kind of metal finish I want on the hinges and I'm not entirely sure I'm going to paint this one white. {Gasp}  I'm leaning towards a blue-gray color.  At least it's not a large piece so repainting would not be the end of the world!

What do you think?  

Looking forward to getting it