Snowzilla 2016

I apologize if this is the 40th blizzard post you have read today. Feel free to skip this one.

We survived. At least so far. Washington is not known for its snow tolerance and this was no exception. The shelves were bare in the grocery stores  by Thursday. No D batteries anywhere. Handy Hubby witnessed anarchy at our local hardware when a truck filled with ice melter and shovels showed up. People were running to the truck and waving cash at the driver. Seriously. If you have 24" of snow, ice melter is not your priority. Maybe later this week, but not in the first instance. Shovels, people!!!

Fortunately we never lost power so the D batteries weren't necessary - lots of AA batteries for Wii remotes were needed though!

Here's our 2 day time-lapse photos of our backyard. Nothing too exciting. Just a lot of flipping snow!!

The best part of any storm is how our  neighbors come together. Handy Hubby borrows a neighbor's snowblower and plows everyone's sidewalks out and then they all work on driveways once the sidewalks are passable. Today we are headed out to clean off cars and try to make our way to the road. Back in 2010, it took 4 days for a snowplow to come down our street. We're much more fortunate this time since we have already had several plows come down the street - we just have to get to the street now!!

So, how did we pass the inside time?

First, I took the kids to see "Wonder" at the Renwick Gallery before the storm started and the museum closed at noon. If you are local, you MUST go. If you are coming to DC in the coming months, add this to your short list on your itinerary.  I posted several pictures on Instagram.We were SUPER lucky to go on this day because there were NO crowds. We saw the whole exhibit in an hour. Other friends who have gone said it took 3 hours to see everything with the crowds. We had a great experience.

We then made a stop at Bake Shop in Clarendon. I found a gift card that I used in full and then some. YUM, macaroons!!

Of course, the kids played outside a fair bit. They "shoveled" but mostly built snow forts and rolled down the mountains.

 And after shoveling for 3 hours we decided we were owed some mimosas. Yum.
And I made this Lasagna Soup. OMG. So good. We didn't even put the cheese on it because it was so tasty.

And we did a puzzle. Still not finished. Oh well.

And we just hung around and enjoyed our gas fireplace, chatting with friends and watching the snow. Of course, now we are taking bets on what day the kids will go back to school. I'm betting on Wednesday but that may be my upstate NY wishful thinking.