New Wallpaper {Dining Room}

I'm super excited to share the changes in our dining room. It's really only one major change - the walls! Oh my goodness... I love it.

Yes, it's very subtle. The pictures don't do it justice - it's gorgeous. It has a slight sheen, is the perfect gray and a classic, just like our 1940 colonial. Although pictures make it seem a bit pink, it definitely is not. Let's blame those pink undertones on the rotten rainy weather we have had in the DC area for the entire month of May. The ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY. Ugh.

We hired a professional wallpaper hanger for this job. He was great. If you living in the DC metro area and need an old school wallpaper hanger, this is your guy (contact me for details). He did the job in one long day and it's absolutely perfect. He does VERY high end jobs as well as small jobs like accent walls. This wallpaper is real paper (not vinyl) so it is harder to hang and I am so glad we hired it out. There is no way we could have done this ourselves (and I have wallpapered before). Yeah for professionals!

Here are a few before pics to refresh your memory.

You may have also noticed the new end chairs and rug. I added both in the last 2 years but probably never blogged about them. Neither is very high end but they are getting the job done. The rug is a little small I think. I'm considering moving the family rug in here if I can find the right replacement for in there. I think that rug would be gorgeous in here and would work even better with the adjoining living room rug. #musicalrugs

Now a word about this mirror. It was my grandparents and my mother consigned it at a store near my house. When I went to pick up the stuff that hadn't sold from the store, I was walking around and noticed this beautiful mirror on the wall. Then I realized it was my mom's!! Thank goodness it didn't sell. I knew it would be perfect in here and provide the right balance for the vintage crystal chandelier.

Although I could have gone for a bolder wallpaper (and almost did), I wanted something I could live with for 10+ years and not something I was going to hate in 5. I have stripped wallpaper before - it's to fun. This was the perfect compromise.

Sources: Wallpaper, Rug, Dining Chairs, Curtains

**Thank you to Wallpaper Direct for providing me with a store credit towards the purchase of my wallpaper. All opinions are my own. **