Dining Room Upgrades

A long, long time ago... our dining room had wallpaper. Then in the flurry of the mid 2000s when wallpaper was considered ghastly, we ripped it down and painted everything so it was nice and matching with the rest of the house. Now it's 2016 and wallpaper is all. the. rage. So we are putting up NEW wallpaper. Handy Hubby is not the most thrilled about this prospect because he knows first hand how awesome it is to take wallpaper down but I promised to keep the wallpaper for a bit. He's still not thrilled. Sorry. We're getting wallpaper.

I found several papers that I loved on Wallpaper Direct. I ordered approximately a million samples. I quickly narrowed it down to these. The one on the top right was my favorite pattern but it was super shiny in person. I'm just not a shiny person. Sorry to disappoint.

I love the other two. Same pattern but two color ways.

In the end I decided to be a chicken and go with the gray. I didn't want to be beholden to the blue. It's one of my favorite colors and probably always will be but I don't want to have to strip the wallpaper in 6 years when I decide that I can't live with it anymore. And I might find myself single again. Just saying. Handy Hubby would NOT be happy. So the top it is. I realize it looks pink in the picture here but it is most definitely not. It's actually very close to BM Revere Pewter which I have everywhere else in my house

Before Tom the wallpaper guy arrives some time in the next few days (after Snowmaggeddon 2, I presume), I wanted to sort out the art placement. I do NOT want to be putting unnecessary nails in my wallpaper. But, it's only wallpaper so if I have to move things I'm just not going to sweat it. 

Fortunately I had this beautiful mirror that was my grandmothers. My mom tried to sell it at a local consignment shop. When it didn't sell, I knew it was meant to be for my dining room. I was a bit tired of the old look. The plates may be headed to said consignment shop, and the mirror is for sale if you are local!

This room has been mostly neglected for the past 3 years. I want to actually use it so I'm contemplating whether a new table or chairs or both might change my mind about it. The kids LOVE eating dinner in here so we need to start doing that. I also need to stop using this as a dumping ground and coat closet (JIM!!!).

Lots to work on and think about.

Thank you to Wallpaper Direct for providing me a credit towards purchasing the wallpaper. All opinions are my own.