Powder Room Bling: Part 6 - REVEAL

The powder is finally done. Well, for now. I could still use a new rug and maybe a few more accessories but for now I am considering it finished and checked off the to do list.

After stenciling the ceiling and installing crown molding, I hung a few more pieces of art.

The piece on the back wall (over the toilet) is an architectural drawing of the Washington Monument which I bought at the National Building Museum a while back. Incidentally, my dad and I took a Segway tour of D.C. last week and saw the crack in the Washington Monument from the earthquake in August (more about that here). Amazing. Hopefully they can figure out how to fix it quickly so it can be reopened to the public.

I picked up this pen and ink print at a yard sale more than a year ago. The frame is my favorite standard off-the-shelf frame from Michael's which I have used in several instances around the house and for gifts. 

I found this print of the Capitol a few weeks ago at an estate sale. It was marked $15 but I paid $5 since it was the last day of the estate sale and the young woman working the sale clearly could have cared less what she sold things for. The frame needs a little clean-up but it's not in bad condition by any means. I really like the linen mat.

It feels good to be checking some things off the list. 

Handy Hubby is working on a few things including a new bookshelf for Elizabeth's room after last week's disappointment. We sold the other one in only a few hours and made a small profit. Not enough for anyone to quit their day jobs unfortunately!  The good thing is that this one seems to be moving pretty quickly and I think we'll have a new one in only a week or two, especially if my father-in-law comes to visit for Halloween so Handy Hubby has an extra set of hands to order around.

On a final note, we took the kids to get pumpkins yesterday. Always a highlight of fall for me! 

Any weekend projects in your neck of the woods? Fun fall activities?