Oversized Buffet Lamps {Dining Room}

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend about how much I like have lights on a dining room buffet.  It's such a great way to add some ambient light to your dining room.  You can even turn off the chandelier and just use the buffet lights, especially if your chandelier is not dim-able.

After getting the new curtains, I started to think about my old buffet lights which were an impulse Walmart purchase soon after we moved back into our house post renovation.

They were fine but nothing I loved.  I was fortunately able to sell them for $15 so it was not a total waste (reselling is a great way to justify your new purchases to both yourself and to your spouse).  Then I looked at the curtains and started to think about what I wanted for lamps.  The curtains dominate the front and side wall of the dining room, but he buffet area was definitely lacking.

  I went to HomeGoods (of course) and found these beauties.

Love them.  I still need to do something with the silverware chest, but all in good time.  I am still looking for a rug.  

p.s. My friends and I are all having a good laugh over this video.  Have you been there?