Bar Cart {Screen Porch}

We have LOVED eating on our screen porch for the past two summers.  It was so worth the effort.  I found that we needed a place to store placemats, and have an extra area for food, drinks or whatever else didn't fit on the table during dinner.

I came across a used office utility cart for $20 and picked it up, not knowing where it would land. Worst case scenario, it would be good storage in Handy Hubby's workshop or in the garage.  I put it on the porch so I could dust it off and it ended up just staying there.   


This is just a lesson in not taking things necessarily for their intended purpose, but to try to see past their "title" to what they could really be in your home. 

Now I can't wait to have a little dinner party so we can really put the cart to good use!  Have a great weekend!