Elizabeth Turns 7!

It's hard to believe that my baby turned 7... well, my "girl baby"... last weekend.  I LOVE birthdays.  I feel like it's the one day that is all your own.  We started the day with French Toast, then she opened her gifts.  She asked for a three ring binder for her birthday and she had mentioned more than a few times that she wanted a radio control helicopter (blue, to be specific).  I cannot imagine another 7 year would be as thrilled by the three ring binder.  She's an organizer!

We spent the afternoon seeing The Croods with three of Elizabeth's best friends at a newly remodeled theater near our house.  Electronic reclining seats?!  Yes, please!  We'll never go anywhere else again! 

Next we went to a local serve yourself yogurt place with the girls while Handy Hubby and Alex went to a neighbor's birthday party.

Then Handy Hubby and the birthday girl decorated some cupcakes they had made earlier in the day.  

After a pizza dinner at home, we had a couple of our best friends over to share our cupcakes (which were yummy!)

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.