Cherry Blossoms in DC

It may be hard to believe but one of D.C.'s most popular tourist attraction is only around for a few days per year - and you never know exactly when that will be!  The National Cherry Blossom Festival used to always be in April but a few years ago they moved it back to March because the blooms were often long gone by the time the bulk of tourists arrived.  Not good for business.

This year, Mother Nature had her way with us again and the blooms are just peaking this week!


Elizabeth has been learning about the cherry trees in first grade so she has been asking to see them for a few weeks.  Although some of the trees have been blooming since March (mostly in sheltered but sunny locations), the majority had not even popped last weekend when they were predicted to be peaking.  After a couple of days in the high 70s to mid-80s, the blooms finally made their debut on Monday and Tuesday.

By Tuesday when we arrived at the Tidal Basin, they were in full bloom.  So, we walked around with 20,000 of our closest tourist friends and took a ton of pictures.  Here they are...

We even got a couple of great family shots thanks to a helpful passerby at the FDR Memorial.

If you are in the area, go this weekend or you might miss them all together!  Happy Friday!

p.s. Some before and afters from my new venture starting next week... stay tuned!