Doorways Safehouse: Elfa Closet Systems (Thank you Container Store!)

Soon after starting the Doorways project, I realized that storage in the bedrooms was a big issue even with bringing in more practical furniture pieces.  The closets are small and pretty typical 1950-style closets - one bar and shelf with a small door and that's it.

Closet systems were a necessity.  I wanted something flexible and durable.  Elfa was my top choice - I have it in over 10 closets in my own home!

I immediately approached our local Container Store in the Clarendon neighborhood in Arlington about making the donation.  The store manager was immediately receptive to the idea and passed my project information on to their main office in Texas which handles donations.  The process was not a quick one but we finally got the go ahead just as the families were moving back in.  We made it work and two local Container Store employees, Stuart and Sindy, came out and did the installation for us.  It was so much fun to watch them install the closets.  We have Elfa in nearly every closet in our house so I'm familiar with the methods but they are FAST!

In about 45 minutes we went from a blank slate to...

Thanks to the Container Store, and Stuart and Sindy for the fabulous Elfa installation (and tips along the way!).

For those wondering, I am still waiting to get a few more pictures of my finished office.  The room has been an organizational staging area in the house so I have not been able to get good pictures.  I hope to do that in the next couple of weeks.