What happened to October?

Posts have been a bit few and far between over the past month or two for various reasons.  Mostly that I am too busy and since I don't rely on my blog to make a living, I can take a semi-break if I want!

So, here's what's been going on...

My husband works in election politics so the last weeks of October and early November were a blur.  I did take the kids away to visit one of my best friends and her family in Vermont.  I also got to see some other SLU friends while I was there which was really wonderful.  We spent 4 days soaking up the cool, crisp fall air and enjoying the wonderful fall sights.  We have spent a weekend in Vermont pretty much every year (sometimes twice) over the past 10 years and we just love it there.

This time we went to the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory which the kids have never done and which I have not done in a really long time.  Well worth the side trip if you are in Burlington or Montpelier.  Save some time to hang out on the playground with your kiddos afterwards - this is the view!

In case you cannot make them out the writing on the side of those large white and silver containers on the side of the building, they say "Sugar", "Milk", and "Cream".  Yum!  At the end of the tour, we each received a sample of the Late Night Snack ice cream which was unveiled on Jimmy Fallon's show about two years ago (more on that here).  I LOVED it but it was rich so I don't think I could finish a pint in one sitting like we did in our college days!

After we came home from Vermont, we continued our weekend routine of soccer, soccer, and more soccer.

Elizabeth in green - COOOOLD!

Alex in red with his 3 year old soccer nemesis :)
And then we had Halloween with a pirate and a detective.

Our pirate was a borderline cross-dresser with his Liberace belt (an old one of Elizabeth's) and gold earring but he was so excited to be a "real pirate"!!

So, that was pretty much it for October!  More to come on November hopefully later this week