Date night with Elfa

We had such a great weekend. I went to a HUGE neighborhood yard sale on Saturday where I got some great cheap finds - I spent less than $20!  Because of the crazy storms on Friday night, Elizabeth's soccer and t-ball games were canceled... surprise - a free Saturday!!  So, we took advantage of the low humidity and went for a 10 mile bike ride along the Potomac River.  I know 10 miles doesn't seem like much but for my kids - it's plenty!!  After a yummy trip to District Taco, we swung by the Container Store so I could pick up my latest Elfa love.  I'm officially addicted to Elfa.  

This time I attacked our kitchen closet.  A few months ago, it looked like this on the outside. 

Honestly, the bifold doors were almost never fully closed.  They often were half open or askew in some way. Drove me batty even though I was the culprit 90% of the time. 

So, when we did our screen porch, we had our builder install standard swinging doors.  I am not in any way opposed to bifold doors and we have them in our bedrooms because they save space in the room and allow more flexibility with the furniture arrangements. 

Inside, things were much, much worse. 

I wish I had intentionally messed this up before taking the picture but this is actually not that bad for this closet.  It has been worse in the past.  Something had to be done.  First I cleaned out the stuff that didn't need to be in there or needed to be in the trash (stale chips, anyone?).  Next, it was time to put my most recent Elfa purchases to work...

Handy Hubby installed the standards with standard 3" screws.  

Then I clipped on the shelves which took about 5 seconds each.  No joke. That's why I heart this brand.  45 minutes later and lots of over thinking, here's the result.  

This makes me happy.  This wasn't the only organization project we did this weekend. A certain 6 year old got a little more organization in her room.  More to come later this week.