Family Room: Dresser Accessories Switch-up

With our recent reorganization of the second floor and regaining office space in the upstairs den (more on that here), the family room no longer needed to prominently house our rather large all-in-one printer. I'm fairly certain printers do not qualify as home decor accessories so this had to go.

I quickly moved the printer upstairs to the den (thank you wireless printing). I then reassessed the lamp situation and realized that the lamp that was previously in Alex's nursery was way too nice to live it's life out of the public eye, so I moved it to the family room, and the brass lamp you see above (a gift from my alma mater, St. Lawrence University) moved to the basement desk area (which I have never shown you).

If you can ignore the droopy flowers and the not so neat files, I think it looks quite nice. I still can't bring myself to remove the files because they are so handy for putting various receipts, coupons, trip information, school papers, and other things that I love to keep close at hand. Not sure it would really work to put it upstairs in a room that I don't have a habit of using daily (yet).

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