High Impact Updates for Alex Too!

If you tuned in yesterday, you saw some updates in Elizabeth's room.  Of course, the updates in her room were interconnected with some necessary updates in Alex's room.  For those who don't know my family yet, Alex is my rambunctious 20 month old.  (Lots more about Alex's nursery here and here)

First, I stole the light from Alex's dresser for Elizabeth's nightstand.  It was definitely a little girly for a boy's room and it really needed to be removed.  It looks so much better in her room.
 All of this was spurred when I found this great lamp at HomeGoods a few weeks ago for $35 on clearance.  I love everything about it.  Not sure it will end up in Alex's ultimate big-boy room but I will certainly find a place for it in our house because it's so great.  

Just FYI - I often have about 10 things in the back of my mind that I shop for whenever I am out.  As soon as I see something that fits one of those bills at a great price then I am all over it.  The great thing about this method is that you don't often end up settling for something you really don't like and you can wait for a good deal since it's not an immediate need. 

In addition to the new lamp I framed a poster that I had for a while.  It's from the National Book Festival which is a great annual event on the National Mall in late September.  The posters are free.   

I cheated on the framing though because I didn't want to make a big investment.  So, I bought a big frame from AC Moore (with a coupon so about $25) and a large dark blue mat (less than $10) on which I then just mounted the poster.  By "mount" I really mean that I just squashed the poster between the glass and the mat and stuck a couple of tiny pieces of two-sided tape on the top.  Very unprofessional but it looks quite good actually!

So here's how Alex's dresser looks now.  Much more boyish and fitting for his room.

I love how the poster really fills the space and the colors go well with the rest of the room.  I think this poster will likely be a major jumping off point for Alex's big boy room next year.  Also, the "A" was a fun find from the Marshall's clearance shelf. 

P.S. Some day I'll fill you in in on my current mental shopping list but that will take a whole post!

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