Powder Room Bling: Part 2

Next step in the "bathroom bling" project was to attempt a ceiling stencil. I really wanted some wow but didn't really want to stencil the walls. I thought about stenciling the wall behind the sink and I still thing that might have worked but I decided to do something much harder instead. What was I thinking? This is a really a non-tutorial - don't do anything I did and your project will come out just fine! I ordered a Moroccan Dream stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils (available here).  The stencil is beautiful and well-made so the problems are all mine!

First, I let it sit rolled in the container for more than a month - bad idea. Unroll your stencil as soon as it arrives to prevent it from being permanently curled.  Second, I started the project on the most humid day of the year - Saturday during Hurricane Irene. Third, I should have used spray adhesive instead of tape to get a clear line. Fourth, I should have practiced first on cardboard or scrap wood. Fifth, I used too much paint on the roller. Sixth, I painted over glossy metallic paint (they recommend using flat paint as a base) So, other than those fails, the project was great!! Hahaha.  It took me about 4 hours over two days to stencil the 7'x3' ceiling in our powder room.  It then took another 1.5 hours to touch up the paint and rough edges from where the paint bled through. Argh.


I really like the results so I guess it was worth it. Maybe. Still a few more pieces to get finished to get the bathroom pulled together.

Any projects in the works at your house?