Powder Room Bling: Part 1

Our first floor powder room still feels like a luxury for us. For years we only had 1 bathroom on the second floor and a room which sometimes acted like a bathroom in the basement.  It's primarily used by the kids (mostly) and guests. As a result, it absolutely had to be kid friendly but yet I wanted to spruce it up for our guests. I have always loved jewel box powder rooms, so that's my inspiration. The walls are painted Naval by Sherwin Williams (or Duron) in an eggshell finish. It gleams a bit in the light which I love. The vanity was from Expo Design Center before it went out of business (doing a renovation during a recession definitely paid off), and the mirror was purchased from my friend's yard sale. The only art on the wall is our Washington Monument print which I love. Overall, it was fine but nothing memorable or special so I decided it needed to be amped up a bit. I thought about doing something to the walls but I think I want to add a bunch more art to the walls.

Long story short - I was bored with it.

The only place left to go was the ceiling. To date, I have never painted a ceiling anything but boring white. I love the look of painted ceilings but I feel like they make the ceiling look a little low and I don't ever think that's a good thing particularly. In the bathroom though, I don't really care since we spend limited time in there.

Here's the ceiling in all of its boring white glory.

But, instead of just painting it something simple, I decided to go for a metallic. I bought some metallic paint at our local paint store. I think it was about $25 for a small container but it does seem to go pretty far. Our bathroom is itsy bitsy so one container was definitely plenty.

After the first coat, I had second thoughts.

What was I thinking?

Ironically, Amy came over the night after I painted it (as well as my neighbor Meghan).  I asked them to go and look at it. Their first reaction: "Is it supposed to be streaky?" Umm...no.  But, I persevered since I was already knee-deep and did a second coat.  It was an improvement and hope was renewed.  Finally, I did a third coat.  Phew...

This is only step one of about 3 so stay tuned!