Banning Plastic Ugliness

From the title, you would think that I am throwing away the kids outdoor toys! But no... I'm not sure we would survive without that kind of plastic ugliness! Instead, I am talking about this plastic ugliness which is haunts our driveway. 

The black and white vent is for our tankless hot water heater, and the white one is for the high efficiency furnace, both housed in our basement utility/storage room. This kind of stuff doesn't bother a lot of people because it's part of the house. It makes me crazy though. 

So Handy Hubby goes out for a quick run and I grab the can of plastic spray paint before he has even turned the corner. Same can from this project last month which got me thinking about other stuff to remake.  I used some old boxes from our recycling bin to mask off the surrounding area. The black one had a rubber flange which made it easy to slide stuff behind it. I made sure not to spray directly into the intake (thus the blue tape).
And now... voila!

I think it looks loads better and I won't have to cringe at the glaring white tube sticking out of my house. Of course now that patched grout stands out a lot more. It's not quite as obvious as it looks in the picture but it's definitely different. Any ideas on what I could apply to darken it only slightly?