Room-By-Room House Tour Link Party: Family Rooms!

I am soooo excited to start the HOUSE TOUR PARTY today! Hope you are ready to link-up! Today you are invited to link-up posts about your living room, family room, great room, or wherever you do most of your living! (To see the full party schedule click here.)

In the spirit of sharing, here are a bunch of pictures of our family room where we spend about 80% of our awake, at home time. It's connected to our kitchen in the "new" part of our house (we fully renovated in 2009). The room has huge windows and wonderful eastern and southern exposures. Fortunately we don't watch too many movies on sunny days!

Here's our sofa where we watch a lot of TV. I love that it always looks neat and tidy but it's not really a sofa you sink into. I'm fine with that though. I have some plans for this sofa so stay tuned.
Here's our fireplace and wall-mounted TV. We are still considering an enclosure here but we haven't hit on a great idea yet. When I find inspiration, we'll go for it I'm sure.
To the left of the fireplace is a built-in cabinet that Jim built. It also hides a bunch of the ugly audio-video stuff.  (More about that cabinet here and here)

To the right of the fireplace is our main toy storage area on the first floor. Most of these are my 22 month old son's toys because they are easy to get to and to put away (not that he does much of that!). More on toy storage, here.

The humans in this house aren't the only one who likes this room. Angus loves the warm sun that streams through our southern facing back windows and doors. He can be found here on most afternoons - generally guarding the yard for evil squirrels and birds.

Now, it's your turn! Please include any post about your living room, family room, great room, or anywhere where you do most of your living. The post does not need to be new but just needs to feature that room in some way (new sofa, art, rug, etc.).

Please include my House Tour Party button or a link to my blog in your post or somewhere on your blog! And, please feel free to spread the news on Twitter and Facebook so we can build a great library of decorating ideas!

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