Tale of a Dresser

I have been looking for a new dresser for Jim for about six months or so. His dresser is a hand-me-down and perfectly fine but it definitely needs to be refinished and it is a little small for the space.

Here's a not so complete picture of the dresser.  Of course, I cannot seem to find another now. 

I had been trolling Craigslist and several used furniture and thrift stores for quite some time. I did not want a new piece because all of the other furniture pieces in the room is (except the chair and mattress) are older used pieces. I think a new piece might have stood out a little strangely, and I honestly did not want to spend the money on a quality piece of new furniture.

So, a few weeks ago I heard that one of my favorite used furniture haunts was going out of business (or relocating supposedly), and they were auctioning off all of their remaining stock. I trolled through their online catalogue and came across a dresser that was a similar wood tone and style to our existing pieces. Of course, I exceeded my original limit of $200 because after thinking about it and staring at the 2 pictures for a week, I just could not stop thinking that this was the right piece. I never saw it in person before the auction ended, so it was a leap of faith but so far these types of leaps of faith have worked out just fine for me! I knew it was made by Kincaid so it was not going to be a piece of junk, and no damage was visible in the pictures. In the end I paid a little over $300 including the auction premium, but I think it was really worth it.

Still needs some minor work but here it is -

I did not move the picture above so you can see how much taller it is than our previous dresser. It holds so much stuff and it has an extra drawer which is nice. Hubby is happy to spread out his t-shirt collection. It is also a bit wider so it fills the wall much more than the last dresser did.

The old dresser will likely end up in Alex's big boy room. This means that I probably have all of the furniture for his room except a mattress!