Built-In Bookshelves (Update 8)

I wish I could say we're done but we're not.  BUT, we are soooo close. It's really down to the right hinges. Yes, hinges. Hinges for the cabinet doors. I cannot wait to show you the doors that hubby whipped up for me in his shop. Lots of magic happening down there (along with dust and noise!). Fortunately we are ordering the hinges we need today so hopefully we really will be done by the end of the week.  HOPEFULLY.  It's really time to move on to other projects.

Now I'll stop talking and show you pictures because I know that's what you really want!

We unpacked 10 boxes of books which is amazing.  We still have a few more to go but I think we'll be able to find space for them elsewhere in the house. We are trying to be better about letting go of books that we know we won't again or which we just don't love. Hopefully that will help us keep our massive book collection under control.

This has been our biggest built-in project so far and it has been a beast but I think so worth it and has such a big impact on the feeling of our playroom. We're sure the kids will enjoy this room for years to come, as will we. I can already see many years of kids' sleepovers happening down here!

As a reminder, here is how this room started -

First with our old stuff.
 Then with no stuff at all.
We've come a long way!

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