Built-in Bookshelves: REVEAL!


The basement bookshelves are done!! Although there are some little things that still need patching and another coat of paint but it is now 99% done and ready for pictures! If you are just starting the tour, we use this as a play room for the kids so toy storage was a top priority. We also have a TON of books so we had to incorporate bookshelves.



Here's a close-up on the doors that the hubby made. The hardware on the doors is basic Home Depot hardware.

See all of the Playmobil stuff on top? Yup, more in the cabinets. I'll do a post on organizing the toys at some point. We started with a major purge of toys that weren't being played with and then organized the rest. I think we did pretty well!

Hubby also made some pull-out shelves which can be used as a desk or additional play space. I scored the hardware for those little pulls at the Restoration Hardware Outlet for $1.50 each. It was actually hard to find something like that at the big box home improvement stores because it had to be super skinny and had to attach from the front.

The cost was relatively little especially when you consider that we sold our old TV cabinet for $100, the old Ikea bookshelves for $50 and our old tube TV for $50 (!). Thank you Craigslist. Our new TV was an Amazon cyber Monday purchase, and the plywood we used for the cabinet and bookcases is very affordable.

Now I have to start working on hanging some more things on the walls and getting the rest of the room organized.

Can I get a round of applause for the handy hubby!?!