Too Cool for (Swivel) Stools

I'm not sure if we are too cool for swivel stools, or not cool enough. I was so happy to see them go, thanks to my good friend Craig. The fact that they were constantly banging up against the counters (the counter always won - another ding in the stools) and the kids were constantly flinging them around and making me crazy generally. Plus, they just weren't comfortable - very flat and straight. 

Fortunately when they left, Mr. UPS (my other very good friend) had already arrived with the new ones. A while back I asked you to vote for your favorite stool from several options I was considering. I was worried about backless stools with little kids in the house and I just don't think backless stools are that comfortable for adults either. But, I also loved the aluminum look, particularly with my white, black, and stainless kitchen. In the end, I needed to find a compromise.

I chose the Sandra counter stools and I LOVE them.

They are brushed aluminum so not shiny but also have back so they are comfortable - except that they are a bit chilly - I think we'll appreciate that more when it's 85 degrees outside!

What do you think?

Guess that means I have to update my house tour pics... again!

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