Multi-tasking Plates

I still owe you a post on the bookshelves which I hope to post this weekend or Monday morning at the latest.  The shelves are drying and they need a few days to cure before we can load them up. Should be a fun weekend!

Wanted to share a quick update I recently made in the kitchen. Hard to believe but Hubby was demanding new salt and pepper shakers. Admittedly, we have had these grinders for about ten years and were getting pretty dull so were no longer really very functional. The olive oil previously lived in the bottle it came in which was fine but not really special enough for a countertop.

Hubby's words as I walked out of the house to the mall (a rare event), "Buy something good. Don't cheap out." He knows me so well! So, of course I went directly to Williams Sonoma and bought a very nice set but still not the most expensive - just could not bring myself to spend $50 each for salt and pepper grinders. I love the new ones and they are beautiful!

I found the new olive oil container at the Container Store.  The top twists open and closed very easily, and it seems much more decorative for the counter.

They are all sitting on a small piece of pottery I brought back from Mexico. Sadly the plate got a hairline crack on the trip home so was no longer gift-able. Not really sad about it any more because I think it looks perfect here and the crack no longer matters. It's a great burst of color for my mostly black and white kitchen.

Have a great weekend!