What's that thing over your stove?

Ummm... That's a pot-filler over my stove. That's probably the second most common question when people walk into our kitchen.  (The first is "What kind of counter is this?")

One of my favorite things in the whole kitchen actually. It gives me the feeling of having a gourmet, uber-expensive kitchen without paying for it. I love being able to fill a big pot of water for pasta (more nights than I would like to admit actually) and not heaving it from the kitchen to the stove.  It's also great when I'm making canned soup for the kids or measuring water for rice. Just all round handy.

It's also a great drying rack for bibs.


Some of you may remember the "incident" last fall. As a result, it's probably not Jim's favorite part of the kitchen!

What's the favorite part of your kitchen?