Is it Art or a...

About 5 years ago, my wonderful friend Sara got me a great wall calendar by Linnea Designs for Christmas.  I love how you think of it as art before thinking of it as a calendar AND you can change it every month for a seasonal look.  Ever since then I have bought one for myself.

Image via Linnea Designs

This year though, I waited too long and they were sold out!!  I've learned my lesson though so I'll order early again this year (like maybe today).

But, I found a great replacement with the Abacus Gallery calendar thanks to a tip from my neighbor Meghan.  Although I think I like the Linnea Designs version a bit better, this is certainly a beautiful calendar which has a great New England theme (I'm originally from upstate New York).  

Image via Abacus Gallery

We hang ours in a simple black frame in the eating area of our kitchen just below the clock (a fantastic Target find!).  It would also be great if you had a dedicated office or in a mudroom.  

Functional art!