Exterior Update: Bye Bye Brass Ugliness

It took a while, but I finally convinced Jim that we should remove the HIDEOUS brass light fixtures from the front of our house.  We had the new black hanging fixture under the little front porch (very inexpensive from Lowe's and possibly temporary if I find something I like a lot more), but those 1970s rusty brass fixtures just had to go.

This is the best picture I could find of these ugly things.

So, when my dad was here for a weekend (he LOVES projects thankfully), I turned him loose on those hideous fixtures.  They were so disgusting and rusty that they went straight to the trash (very unusual for yard sale selling me).  Of course, that left some wholes in the house with scary wires hanging out.  My dad actually surmised that the wiring was pretty dangerous and had been done in a very amateur way - particularly on the right where the previous owners likely added the second light at some point.  We covered the holes and scary wiring with some plain metal electrical covers (required by building code) sprayed black.

Better, but the black made them stand out too much especially with the other black accents.  I then convinced Jim to take them down and spray paint them a flat brown so they blend better with the front of the house.

Sooo much better!

Now we just need to get our flag up for the 4th!