Let it flow! New kitchen faucet

Unfortunately, the old kitchen faucet took a turn for the worse this week forcing us to break down and buy a new one.  The "old" one was less than a year old but I have not had time to figure out if there's some sort of warranty.  It was leaking like crazy and would not stay tight on the base.  So frustrating!  Fortunately we paid almost nothing for it during the Expo Design Center going out of business sale last year so I don't feel like it was a huge investment lost. 

I knew I wanted something in almost exactly the same style but made by a reputable company.  I quickly found exactly what I was looking for on Faucet Direct.  It's a Kohler so you can be pretty sure it's going to last for more than a year.  In case you are looking for it, it's a Model # K-691

Picture via Faucet Direct
It was about 3 times the price of our last faucet but you can see the construction is fantastic.  The faucet installed perfectly in about 15 minutes (took longer to remove the old one actually).  Here's the beloved hubby lying under the sink installing it.

And here's the final product -

We have polished chrome accents in our bathrooms and kitchen so this goes along perfectly with that theme, but there are about 6 finish options for this model.  I also love the pull-out sprayer and it's really clean look.  Hopefully it will hold up for the long haul!