Ideas for a Little Boy's Room

For some crazy reason, I cannot stop thinking about how I am going to turn our upstairs guest room into Alex's bedroom in a year or two.   I am still not done with Elizabeth's room either - more to come on that shortly.  Although we are still planning to move him when he's out of his crib in probably 2 years, I am starting my idea file now.  I will probably use some sort of loose vintage theme which is easily changeable with accessories and a comforter.  I love red, white, and blue boys' rooms as well.  And, I already have a navy blue plaid upholstered chair ready to live out its final years being used as a trampoline (yes, I have a brother so I know these things).

So I started my usual searching which I'll probably start saving in some sort of folder.  I stumbled on a great site that I have never been to before, called Rosenberry Rooms  which has some great jumping off ideas and you can buy the featured products.  Here is their airplane themed room which they call the "Teddy Bedroom".  I like the basic pieces and the easily changeable accessories for when he gets tired of the theme.  

And here's their Asher Room which has a vintage baseball theme which I really like.  My son is already obsessed with any sort of game that involves a ball.  He's all boy.  I absolute adore the lamp they have with this grouping.  I don't think I would do the brown walls but I love the rest including the red bed.  

And another interesting option, this time from Furniture Fashion, is a boat theme which is one that I have also been thinking about for a while. I love nautical stuff in boys' rooms but, as with decorating with shells, it may seem add since Arlington is not exactly a water-oriented location (the Potomac River does not count).  But, I already have a great map print that we got on our honeymoon in Bermuda which I could use.  Food for thought.
Lots to think about - fortunately I have a lot of time to formulate my ideas and start collecting great stuff.  I collected things for Elizabeth's room for nearly a year before we got back into the house and made her new room.  I can feel a new idea folder growing already!