Peek-A-Boo! Hiding a Flat Panel TV

I have posted multiple times about decorating the top of the new mantle (see those posts here and here).  Although I love our Samsung LCD LED HDTV because it is really skinny (much thinner than a normal LCD TV), there are times when I wish I could just close it off so it's not such an obvious focal point for our family room. Don't get me wrong - we watch our fair share of TV and I am in no way anti-TV, but it's not really an ideal decorating look.

Here's our current look.

I started doing some research on what we could do to cover it.  I am generally looking for something with doors to cover the TV but I may explore the option of just framing out the TV.  All of this may involve recessing the TV under a new header in the wall which I am sure Jim will be SOOOOO happy about (haha).

Here are a few ideas that I found surfing around online.

This one is a little more rustic or "Old World" than I typically like but I think the room is interesting.  

Getting closer... This is more along the lines for what I had in mind for our set-up.

And I really like this one because of the classic styling and the pretty doors (and of course the yellow walls!).

I am actually trying to come up with a "best of both worlds" solution where I get a picture over the fireplace but also the TV.