Dog Days of Summer: Dining Upgrade for Angus!

We've had our beloved pooch, Angus (a 60 lb pointer/lab mix - we think), for just over 5 years.  The poor dog is sorely neglected and probably appreciates our many vacations because the dog sitters walk him frequently!  Angus drinks a lot of water all day long so I set out to get him a larger bowl so I wouldn't have to refill it 3+ times per day.  I was also hoping for a new food bowl since his old metal bowl is permanently dirty and doesn't fit on the tray where we keep his water. 

I really like ceramic bowls because they are easier to clean than the metal variety.  There is nothing wrong with his old bowl so we'll use it on the back porch for outside doggie refreshment on 90 degree days. 

When I struck out at the big box pet stores, I decided to head to my old favorites - HomeGoods and Marshalls to find a solution.  I stumbled on these white souffle dishes.  Although I had been hoping for a color or pattern, I decided to go for it when I saw the prices - less than $12 for both! 
The larger one is for water and holds quite a bit more than his original green bowl.  The smaller one works well for his vittles.  Because they are dishwasher safe, they'll both get more frequent thorough cleanings.  Also the flat, wide bottom makes it much harder (but not impossible) for my trouble-making 1 year old to tip over!  Added bonus - both fit on the white plastic tray we've been using for the water bowl for years which helps keep the floors dry.

I'm so glad Angus was able to get in on the remodeling, redecorating action!  I'd love to hear about any unusual solutions that you've come up with or seen for pet food and water bowls!