House Plant Follow-Up!

I finally broke down and bought a new house plant.  When I posted last week about my house plant woes, I got a lot of sympathetic emails and some suggestions for varieties to try.  My sister-in-law, Jolaine, told me that the neglected house plant that I already have is a type of Dieffenbachia.  My aunt (who has a seriously huge green thumb) rooted both of the plants from a family heirloom plant and gave Jolaine and me the same plant at Christmas about 2 years ago.  Ours were the same size when we got them.  Mine still looks like this -

And hers looks like this (a veritable tree!) -
Just further proof of my brown thumb!

But, I am testing my skills yet again and got a new houseplant to go in my adorable little white planter.

I got a Hawaiian Schefflera at Safeway this week.  At $8, I won't be heartbroken when it dies (not if, but when).  I chose it because I liked the variegated leaves and the tag said that it prefers moderately dry soil (perfect for me)!  Here she is straight from the store.
Fortunately it was actually planted in a green liner pot instead of its faux terracotta pot, so it only took about 10 seconds to and pop it into my adorable white planter - voila!  A real houseplant!  Now, I'm working out where to put put it.