Stepping on Up: The Skinny on Step Stools

I'm a tad bit vertically challenged (5'2") so step stools are just a part of my every day life.  To maximize every space in our kitchen, we chose to have cabinets to the ceiling so I often have difficulty reaching even the second highest shelf without some vertical assistance.  Then throw in changing light bulbs and the occasional cleaning expedition... In come the step stools.

We have loads of them in the house both for me and for the kids (our 4 year old and her friends).  Fortunately I have found a plethora of great stools for various purposes throughout the house which I thought would be helpful to share.

In the first floor powder room, the kids need a step stool to reach the sink.  This one works particularly well because it folds up really small and easily slides between the sink vanity and the wall.  It's plastic so it's lightweight so it won't easily scratch the floor or vanity, but it's also very sturdy for such a small stool.  I love how skinny it is when it folds.  I'm thinking about picking up a second one for our master bedroom closet.

We use this stool for all things in the kitchen (or anywhere else on the first floor) and it neatly hides in the hold everything closet in the kitchen.

Polder 90401-91H 2-Step Mini-Stool
This Baby Bjorn stool is the stool du jour in the upstairs hall bath that my daughter uses.  We previously used a taller step stool which Jim made but that's been retired for now.  This one doesn't slip and the black and white matches the color scheme in there. 

BABYBJÖRN Safe Step - White

My mom found this one at a yard sale for a few dollars.  Of course, she couldn't pass it up because of the name!  She painted the stool white but the letters were already painted.  Elizabeth LOVES this stool and uses it to climb into her bed.
For bigger jobs (like painting) we pull out a bigger stool with a handle to grab onto.  We got ours when we first moved into this house and it has gotten a lot of use and love over the past 8 years!  That would be a great house warming gift for a new homeowner if you have a party to go to!
Polder LDR-6102 2-Step Designer Step Stool with Rail, Argento Silver

Of course, if you are a handy homeowner, it's hard to live without a good step ladder.  Aluminum ladders are lightweight but sturdy.  Great for big jobs like changing out light fixtures or installing crown molding.

So, that's the lowdown on stepping up on a step stool or ladder!