Last Minute Valentines for Kids

My kids finished up their Valentines yesterday (2 days early!!) so I thought it would be great to share in case you are looking for ideas! Both of these were very easy!!

My 10-year old daughter has discovered Pinterest and found these pretty quickly. There's a fine line between cool and not cool in 5th grade, but I know she wanted to have something creative for her friends. Also, our school does not allow food or candy Valentines (which I love actually!). I found the straws in 6-packs at the dollar store.

My son is obsessed with Star Wars so it was only natural that we find a Star Wars option for him. I had remembered that we made lollipop Valentines for my daughter years ago so we tried to recreate that for him but without candy! 

These were totally created on my phone! I took the picture and then added the text using Font Candy then printed them at my local CVS. Then we punched a hole in his "hand" with a standard hole punch. Pushed the glow bracelet through - be careful not to "snap" them so they start glowing too soon! We also put the connector on the back which helped to stop it from going all the way through. Finally, I taped each on the back, which caused the photo to ripple but still the effect is great! Probably one of my favorite Valentines ever! 

Happy Valentine's Day!