Repainting - What the what?!

So... I'm seriously considering repainting the main areas of our house. I have had the same color in our house for literally 12 years and I'm ready to make a switch. I convinced Handy Hubby by saying that I was feeling a bit bored and maybe we should buy a new house. He nearly filed divorce papers so I suggested repainting and magically he was on board! #aimhigh This also solves the nail pops which have appeared out of nowhere in the last 3 months - likely because it has been so $%^&-ing cold. 

Now the major question - what color. We currently have 90% of our home painted Sherwin Williams Ivoire. 

So now it's down to what direction do I want to take it. The obviously choice is a gray neutral or "greige" color. I'm sure that's where I'll end up but I'm considering all sorts of things. Fortunately the furniture is generally neutral so I don't need to make any radical changes there. I may paint the dining room furniture. (Don't tell Handy Hubby). I also may add some wallpaper in the dining room to freshen it up further.  

Here are some of my favorite colors currently in the running - 

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

J. Hirsch Interiors

But I'm a little worried about the slight green undertone. I am banishing green from my house purely out of boredom and no other reason.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray
Young House Love
But maybe a little too tan still and a little bit "not a color" - know what I mean?

Benjamin Moore Valley Forge Tan
Martha O'Hara Interiors
But maybe a little dark and possibly green. I think it would be amazing in my kitchen and family room but might be a little dark in our living room. Could be amazing in the family room with all the white trim. Hmmm...

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

I also love this color. It looks really different in different lights and works well with white molding. It has so much going for it. Definitely a front runner. 

I guess I need to pick up some paint samples soon!