A New Doorways Apartment

You may remember my previous work with Doorways organizing local interior designers to redecorate their safe house.

When my friends Yuri from Sagatov Designs and Michelle Sagatov asked me to help again, I said... "no".  That's right, I SAID NO.  I said it nicely but I was too busy, feeling overwhelmed by so many things, and just didn't think I could help. I am super cold-hearted like that. Not. Handy Hubby says I never say no to anything so I was super proud of myself for admitting that I don't have time between 2 jobs, 2 kids, a husband, a household, and I might be the PTA president of our new elementary school (how did that happen!?!). Nope, no time.

But... of course, I couldn't help myself so I did end up helping a little. I can't help myself (or I'm an idiot or flat out crazy). Doorways is an amazing organization and I love to help them whenever I can and this was sooooo much less work and stress than the last project. There was no construction to contend with, just a shiny recently remodeled 2 bedroom apartment that could house 6-8 people in need of a home, if necessary. We asked for donations through various local listservs and facebook pages, and we received sooooo many great pieces of donated furniture. We found a couple of designers to help out with the bedrooms, and Yuri's design crew handled the main living area. The only pressure point? We had less than 2 weeks to collect everything and 1 day to get it ready for occupancy.

It was a total blank slate which made it really fun. It was sunny and spacious so that was a huge bonus. So, here are the before and after pictures…

Living and Dining Room Combo


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

This was such a fun project and we can't wait to do it again this summer!  We learned a lot and now have a really complete list of items that an apartment needs to be complete - down to silverware drawer organizers.