My Eclectic Powder Room

My powder room post pictures are probably "pinned" more than any other on my blog.  The ceiling is awesome and I still love it.

The floor needed to balance that ceiling.  We had a sisal rug in there that survived potty training two kids.  Now that the spillage years are behind us (I hope!), it was time to upgrade the rug.  I had been looking for the perfect rug for over a year.  For me "looking" means searching for a great deal on the best possible option.  

Then one day I'm in HomeGoods (shocking, I know) and I find this little baby!  Yeah!  Tribal rugs are really hot right now but I was not shelling out hundreds for anything authentic or even a good reproduction.  After all, I have a son who uses this bathroom daily.  $29.99 later, this guy (and his blue cousin) came home with me.

It looks so awesome with the navy walls (Sherwin Williams Naval) and dark vanity.

And here's my attempt to take a picture of the rug and ceiling in a 8x3 room.

I'm still looking for some art for next to the sink.  Maybe next year!